V for Vomit

I realised that I have motion sickness while I’m in here. It’s weird. I always laughed at my youngest brother saying that he always ‘wek2’ when we travel to anywhere. But yeah, what goes around comes around kan?

Talking about this, yesterday I went to Flambards with Ainna, her hubby and Asmah. At first, since the jalan bengkang bengkok, I tried to tell myself, “Not now, please throw it somewhere else, not in a car”. Then when we stopped at a petrol station, then I saw a suitable place to throw up. Then I let all the stuffs in my stomach out. Then my stomach was empty.

Jalan2, we arrive somewhere around 9-10 am (can’t exactly remember when, hee hee :P). Then firstly, Victorian Village. So nice. So classic. I really love the scenery. Especially the fashion. Intricate and uphold woman’s status in Victorian era. Woman are being potrayed as delicate, graceful, feminine, alaa like what we saw on Pride & Prejudice. Cantik, protected and need to be chaperoned all that. Then bla3, we naik this ride, shapes like air ballon,but it goes round and round. My instinct says, it looks like the one in Genting, the kerusi terbang one… So I feel I will dislike it, but they say “No, no. It’s different. C’mon and try”. So I give a try. It spun and spun and spun. I felt dizzy. I dare not to open my eyes. The bloody spinning machine stopped. Then I cupped my mouth. There was a spurt from my mouth. That bloody smelly unpleasant liquid again. Sigh. Embarrassing. The ride was closed to clean up the mess I made. Luckily I didn’t throw up during that thing was spinning or I will spill it over everyone’s head. Aaa~

So that’s it ladies and gentlemen. Be prepared with motion sickness pills if you have it.

3 thoughts on “V for Vomit

  1. ouhhh, i always get motion sickness when travelling~~
    especially kalau naik bas~~


  2. aih…sedih tol laa this little girl..hehe..no worries..if u travel wit me, u will be fine..=P

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