of day out and punk music

Today, the rain poured heavily from the seventh heaven. It was chilly cold (pun is intended). Brrr. I returned from the city and was soaking wet. Don’t have any idea what to write today coz today’s trip is a bit off-side. Raining, and there’s a bit not-so-lucky part. We can’t register the phones. My feet sore (Harry’s fault for making us [me and Asmah] rushing from store to store to find handbags and stuffs, blame him!) Heheh, but then i found a pair of goody shoes (yup, yup, shoe is in my shopping list) and I kinda like it. It’s comfy and looks nice (I told you it’s goody and it’s not goddamn gorgeous) and i immediately wore it. haha. oyeah, bought a desperate housewife night wear =P sexy notee beauty me! (No, por favor, i don’t like to be bitchy like Nicole, so sick!).

huurm~coz I don’t write much this time, i did a blogthings stuff:
I’m a punk rocker =P hell yeay!!

You Are a Punk Rocker!

When it comes to rock, you don’t follow any rules
You know that rocking out is all about taking down the man
You’ve got an incredible stage presence and rock persona
You scare moms, make bad girls (or boys) swoon, and live life on the edge!
so the song “I wish I was a punk rocker” plays in my head. damn cool if I were a punk rocker. hell yeah. i just bought the kerrang!–smash it up CD and the songs are pretty cool (altho The Forces of Evils keeps on singin’ “fuck all you motherfuckers” for 10 times,like they are lack of idea for the lyrics. crap! do they need to repeat it that much?) Hmm, wonder when can I rock the crowd… or throw of anything from the stage~ thee hee hee =P

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