Sweet and sour seafood

I was quite happy to see Mesra.net approved my recipe. It’s a simple one anyway. Are they testing it or what? I really don’t know what took them so long. According to their last e-mail it will only take 1 to 2 weeks to approve one’s recipe but I have been waiting for a month! Finally….my recipe has been approved and it’s on the internet. Sharing is caring rite?

Full recipe here.

3 thoughts on “Sweet and sour seafood

  1. aaa boleh. tapi nak nak mintak lah u derma sikit untuk bakat-bakat baru msia tuh. kerajaan negeri siap luluskan duit ber K-K (ribu la ek dlm bahasa melayunya) jom aa derma ainna… boleh kite dapat share nnt, i pon leh bukak kedai seafood mcm nie.

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