Hemy Hamisa nude-squatted and be a millionaire

There are a lot of story about CT’s wed with Dato’ K. Congrats anyway. That kind of story does not interest me so much.

The women who did nude-squatted in 2005 at PJ lock-up; and her nude-squatting action has been recorded; claims 10 million from the government and suing Police Force.

She has filed a letter of demand, through her lawyers Shukor, Baljit and Partners, to the Government and police department asking for RM10mil in compensation.

(hebat~selalu polis saman orang, now public saman polis pula, tabik spring laa kat you)

The value that she asks was not even half fortune of Malaysian government. The humiliation that she received does not worth 10 mil. The pressure, poeple’s stare, extremely is a burden to move on with her life.

If I were her, what will I do with 10 mil?

  1. Sell all my propeties in Malaysia +$$$$
  2. Invest in Swiss Bank +$$$
  3. Apply for Europe country citizenship -$$$
  4. Do an extreme makeover -$$$$
  5. Travel to the Europe country I have apllied the citizenship -$$$$
  6. Buy a house in the particular country -$$$$$
  7. Live happily in a new world and forget about the past *priceless*

I pray that she will win this case. 10 million will not harm our RMK9. It’s only 0.2% from the allocation for keselamatan dalam negeri. Good luck Hemy Hamisa. May you lead a good life.

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For full story (with video!) go to The Star Online

Hereby, I attached a video clip of the misconduct and violence did by Malaysian Police force. The video which published nationally, which caused Hemy Hamisa total humiliation.
Note that Noh Omar said: kalau polis Malaysia salah, samanlah polis Malaysia. Also, “If foreigners think that Malaysia police are brutal, please go back to their own countries and not to stay here.”

5 thoughts on “Hemy Hamisa nude-squatted and be a millionaire

  1. extreme make over lah to tukar muka
    bak kate orang yg malu
    “mane nak letak muka”
    extreme makeover laa jwbnyer..
    so that people won’t say
    “ah, dis girl lah i saw on that nude-squat video, phew~”

    wanna change ur mind miss fumyluv?

  2. Dulu masa identiti wanita ini masih tak dikenalpasti, cuma ura2 dia warga China, ada lak orang2 tertentu melalak2 macam2, tapi bila terbukti wanita tu seorang Melayu, yang melalak2 tadi reti pulak diam. Sakit hati aku

  3. pernah x kita perasan…
    pada mulanya bila dikatakan mangsanya adalah cina, semua pemimpin mereka mca, gerakan, dap & ngo cina marah….
    tapi bila tau yg sebenarnya adalh melayu, sekor menteri pun x bangun nk marah…
    sbb tkt dikatakan menentang kerajaan…
    sampaikan yg hak pun takut nk bela…bodola

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