Starbucks Sucks?

I’ve received a lot of messages in YM about this company. However, today, when I read Faisal Tehrani’s entry, then I am reaaly convinced that Starbucks sucks. Before this I only know that their ingredients are not halal (and that is violating and lying to Malaysian Moslem consumers!). However, since the brutal, merciless, continuous, and the never-ending war Isaraelis done against Palestinians, I am totally against them (and their products), and many of other people do. Here are some of the people who thinks Israelis should stop the attack:

(obviously, you need to click the link if you want to find out the real story)

UN secretary and UK PM

Vatican Pope Benedict
Malaysian Politicians

Articles about Starbucks sucks:

Starbucks support war of terror
Boycott Israel campaign site

So friends, if you think Israelis deserves our pocket money, if you think Israelis should continue their continous attack against Palestinians, if you do not think Starbucks sucks, keep on drinking Starbucks and just watch and enjoy the violence show.

Just remember,
every drop of Starbucks drink you sip,
equals to one drop of Palestinian blood.

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  1. wonder y people dont give comment for this entry. i tot there are a lot of people who drink at starbucks?

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