Ainee’s Day Out

In previous entry, I thought I will have a good Thursday. But actually, not so.

I planned to go to Collective Voices meeting in order to claim my money. However, shits happen (and it always happen to me) and I end up rugi instead. Firstly, I go to Royal Parade by Citybus. I thought I got a good price (2 pounds 45 pence for return) because the usual price with Citybus is 2 pounds and 80 p. wondering how untung i am, because i will receive 9 pounds from Dienka (reimbursement from last thursday taxi fare)*sigh*

[here’s a nice story]

as the bus arrived, I was in between these 2 pakciks, masing2 nk tunjuk gentlemen ~adeh~ lelaki dan ego mereka. tapi aku suka lelaki gentlemen. kakoii!!

Pakcik A: you first.
Pakcik B: no, you first.
Pakcik A: it’s OK, you first.

(Lalu aku memandang mereka sambil tersenyum)

Pakcik A dan Pakcik B: Right you first.

(Aku pun masuk bas sambil menahan gelak dan berkata dalam hati “aku gak yg untung”)

After the hillarious incident, I gave the bus ticket and the driver said “Sorry love, I can’t take you there. This is Citybus ticket. You have to get the next bus”.

Feeling frustated and a bit ashamed, I stepped down and looking at the timetable the Citybus bus is at 2300 and my watch showed 1910. nandeyo~ if i want to take first bus (to cut the cost), the next bus is another one hour. feeling hungry, desperate for nature call, then I took cab. The cost? 8 pounds and 40 pence.

$money$: easy come, easy go.
So here’s the calculation:
Citybus Ticket to Royal Parade> -2.45
Dienka’s reimbursemen> +9.00
Taxi to MARJON> -8.40
Total Loss> -1.85

Moral of the story:
If Ainee want to go to Barbican Theatre for her Thursday meeting another time, she should take First Bus instead. Although it’s 2.80, the time gap is priceless. She (Ainee) can have flexible timing for Thursday meeting.

P.S: O yeah, but the Amazon’s CD has been bought and I got some profit actually
(at last!).

I bought the CD> -1.00
Total I got including postage> +2.90
Postage cost (stamp and envelope)> -0.81
Profit> +1.09

at least got profit lah although it’s sikit.

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