A good start for Thursday

Although I just received a cynical mail from Tracey (sigh~my own fault actually~), but I received jolly good e-mails from Amazon.co.uk and Dienka. Firstly, my item which promoted at amazon.co.uk has been bought by a stranger (of course! duh~). Next, I can’t wait for ‘Thursday meeting’ at Barbican theatre. I will get some money~ Yeay!! Yeah~~ Erm, bout Dienka’s email I think I’m interested to perform in Port Elliot Fest (in Cornwall) and if I have chance, I will call the person who offers work to do voiceover for a DVD (hope it’s not for a porn one~LOL~feel a bit happy when I hear my own voice recorded :P) SO people, here I promote Port Elliot Fest and bonus job offer.

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