Malaysian advertisement endorsing the iGallop;
a simulated horse riding exercise pommel.
World Cup Commercial.

LOL~ini rupenye yg dsebut dlm entry ‘yeeeeeehaaaa’ cik Lily the Liverbird.
wah, very nice2. time to strengthen my butt.
when can we have iWhallop pulak?
or iLock-up??
ahahaha…. since when malaysian tv become so ‘mmmmrrreeooww!!’??
O yeah, another ad of iGallop. By Singaporean TV.
It doesn’t look like an exercise machine to me.
It really does look like a masturbating machine.
Really! I swear!
(christina:huu~~~I want my mommy~~~)

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To know how a guy gushing it, read here.

wanna see dis makcik?
looks buruk when you ride this thing
gosh~~ i told you it’s the worst exercise machine.
(is it true? dat thing for exercise anyway?)

Wanna see how guys have fun with iGallop?
Looks like he’s having fun (or making fun?) of it.

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