Pepsi – Bavarians Soccer Ad

-Very funny soccer ad with Ronaldinho and Beckham getting tricked by german hillbillies.
*Dedicated to madamoiselle eQin, and azraQ.

Henry’s smile is damn cute!!
Roberto’s laugh, irresistable!

~da da da~

2 thoughts on “Pepsi – Bavarians Soccer Ad

  1. ohh thats is sooo funny girl!! i like that part ronaldinho gets ribbons for his hair..they should air that… not just beckham’s hot bod…hehehe.. *drool…* [now..where is my i gallop…] ahaks…

  2. yalah. this one is funnier.
    they shud air there roberto courting that girl n they lost. haha. in tv they dont show they need to play for pepsi kan? and the daa daa daa song. so nice!! LOL.

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