In football, when you make mistake, you are only given two chances.
Warning, yellow card, then OUT
What about relationship?
How much yellow card do you needed before you can give one the red card: adios amigos?
Tell me, how should I give a chance; when a person who tell me that I’m the one who’s holding the authority in the relationship, but instead he tell me “the end”?

*Valentin Ivanov, thanks for showing me how a yellow card can be used.

3 thoughts on “YELLOWCARDS

  1. wah…dahsyat ko nih. dari bola sampai ke relationship…wohoo!! u got potential..hehehe…

  2. erk, haha. i dont remember who said it but he/she said a teacher needs to be a jack of all trades. (huhu, but master of none..) anyways, go blogging! harhar (rindu barbarian thor gelak…i mish that comic..)

  3. haha..ref tu dah kena red card by FIFA… Sepp Blatter hangin ja tengok game tu. Satu lagi gigi Graham Poll dari England..nak jadi pengadil tegas sangat baik jadi guru disiplin SMKASAS la…kuikui

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