Breast is the best


Even before labour (they call it labour because it’s a darn hard work), I already plan to breastfeed my baby exclusively till he is 6 months old. As we all know, Allah created breast milk with thousands of goodness.

As Fahmi came out to this world, I quickly breastfeed him with the tiny amount of colostrum. However, not much milk Fahmi had for a few days. Pity him, we were admitted to Seri Manjung Hospital because of jaundice, at special infant care ward. I have no idea as this was my first experience and he was sleepy along the way. His good behaviour is actually dangerous. He was supposed to drink a lot, so that the yellow chemical thingy will come out( I can’t remember what’s the name).

People say it’s good and bla3 but it’s a hard work actually. I have to restrict myself from certain food and consume a good diet. And, and, I can’t miss my meal. Especially milk. Euw! Nowadays I feel numb easily as I don’t consume much milk. Baby saps the calcium and I can feel the effect on my teeth.

Maintaining good breastfeeding routine requires support from the father. My husband has been my biggest cheerleader, giving me all the support, to make sure Fahmi gets all the nutrients he needs.

As a muslimah, nursing wear is my saviour whenever I want to breastfeed in public. I get nice ones from A good nursing wear should be comfortable. Myhafsah has it. Plus, the nursing wear are stylish and affordable. It’s worth every penny. The owner replies quickly and answer any question promptly.

Besides nursing wear, I need breast pads, breast pump, breast milk storage bottles and a nice place to do breastfeeding. Although people think it looks easy to choose breastfeeding, but many factors need to be considered, such as planning when to pump breast milk at the work place, what to eat so that mother can produce enough milk supply, doing loads of laundry as the breast milk is quite smelly, and many more.
Anyhow, it doesn’t kill my spirit to do breastfeeding. May Allah give me a longer period to breastfeed my babies. So, breast is the best! Get help from local breast milk support group or surf for more info.

One thought on “Breast is the best

  1. i would just pump a few bottles and then feed baby btolted breastmilk at night. formula will keep your baby alive but it is not healthy for a baby, so if you can breastfeed and get away from it stay away from it, besides your milk tastes good and formula is gross so the chances your baby will take formula at night aren’t very good. I will tell you though that it is really easy to snuggle baby in bed and lay your boob out and the baby will learn to latch on by itself and you can just roll over and switch when your other breast gets heavy. It is so easy. I have done this with 4 children and no one has ever had to get up with the baby. Once the baby doesnt need to eat at night, we put the baby to bed it his/her own crib. Daddy can take his turn feeding breastmilk out of a bottle during the day and I think that you will find that if you do NOT supplement with a bottle that you will have plenty of milk, however, if you supplement you will start having problems keeping up, especially in the beginning. Dr.s and WIC dont suggest you pump until baby is 6weeks old and your milk supply have been established. If you need more information, check out, Goodluck and Congratulations on choosing the best for your baby!

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