My husband inspired me to blog about this. When we were on our way home, we saw an orange stall.

Him: Eh, dah ada Mat Salai eh kat sini.
Me: A’ah! Yeay! Tak payah la abang nak pergi jauh² lagi nak cari Mat Salai. I like it better than prosperity burger.
Him: Ha’ah. Yeay! Great food is near. Hmm, why don’t you block about this.
Me: (Aku yang kurang pendengaran akibat ekzos kereta Omar yang bising itu) Huh? Block ke blog?
Him: Blog la. Grr.

    We discovered this burger kiosk at Bandar Uda. So, we went out late at night, eating this yummy oblong beefy burger when our stomach was vibrating of hunger. And damn, it was so delicious. I prefer Mat Salai than Prosperity because:
  • It’s halalan thoiyyiban. Halalan, because the beef and chicken source is confirmed.
  • I support local economy. We shouldn’t be dengki with our people’s success but instead, we should be more supportive. Go Malaysia!!
  • The beef patty is beefy. The taste isn’t overcome with flour and other flavour.
  • They put delicious serunding.
  • The black pepper sauce is not over poured, and too spicy.

The new Mat Salai stall is set up in front of the mosque, at Jalan Perwira 8, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah. Oh, oh. They even have Facebook page. Whaaa~

So, have you ever eaten this burger?

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