Review: steakhouse Wadi Hana Bandar Baru Uda

This restaurant situated at the newly developed area in Bandar Baru Uda or Uda Business Centre. They are the 5/6th branch in Malaysia. As we stepped in, I immediately thought of TGI Friday’s. They have a bar but no alcohol. Maybe that is the reason they named their restaurant Wadihana Islamic steakhouse.  I thought it was Korean BBQ since they have Korean and Japanese writing on their signboard.
My first impression is: thank god JB has a proper family restaurant with good food and affordable price. Selama hari ni mmg ke TGIF laa jawabnya kalau nak merasa steak yang proper. Tapi masuk dengan perasaan bersalah laa sebab nengok waiters Melayu pandai buat cocktail bagai. Heheh. I am going to support bumiputera’s effort to uplift F&B industry in JB. Cewah.

I had seabass and chowder in a bread.AWESOME!



For the seabass, I think it’s about rm20. For the soup is about rm8.

My husband had the juicy, meaty burger with proper homemade pickle and salsa. Wah! I loved it although makan his dish sikit je kan. About rm15 per set. I love the sauce they drizzled on the fries. Rasanya macam honey mustard tapi mcm tak pedas. Ntahla. Secret recipe kot. This burger doesn’t even have sauce in between hence I highly respect the chef who made this burger tastes way better than Abang Burn’s.


Drinks I wish I had mocktails tapi mesin nya rosak la pulak. So I had the halal Shirley Temple. HAHAHA! Basically lemonade, fizzy soda, cherry syrup. It was hot and for me it’s a thirst quenching  drink. my husband had calamansi juuce as usual.



They had a perfect ambience for family and couples. Lovely interior decoration and furniture placement.
There’s a traditional clay oven for pizza. Overall I give them 5 stars. I really hope they can keep their standard like this forever. JB should have more restaurant like this in order to become an international megalopolis in 2020.

So we had 3 meals and drinks. Total bill was 80.00+ only. I think Singaporeans would love this.

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  1. can’t remember what we ordered for the first visit.what i remembered was Anas made his ‘kuih’ ..and banyaaaaaaakkkkk

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