e-Prestasi: Apakah?

It’s a rare thing that I complain about MOE’s project and work burden. Whenever I read Jarod’s complaint , I quietly think “So far, I’m good and can do my work without ranting”. But today, I have to let it out my chest. So that I can die peacefully. I feel a bit better like someone take off a stone on my shoulder when I share my stress with others.

My FB friends what to know so much about e-Prestasi. Oi, why other states do not know about this? not fair. If this is a KPM’s programme, it should be applied nationally.

Here’s the screenshot of e-Prestasi

ePrestasiI need to key in the TOV, ETR and 3 examinations results. Luckily I’m an IT savvy person, I just copy everything from SAPS except for class 5 Bijak because there’s so many students coming in and out.

The reason of using e-Prestasi is to assess a teacher’s performance. Woot! What?

What are the disadvantages?

  1. Teachers can key in lowest TOV and ETR as possible and get a good mark.
  2. It is redundant work. First, you key in marks in SAPS. Then e-Prestasi. Then SPS. Then what?
  3. Cheating: Yeah, to save our arses in the government organisation we all cheat, lie and steal. How low our integrity is.
  4. Teachers who are placed at the most bottom class, with the reluctant learners, are the unluckiest teacher on earth.
  5. Pupils are being pressured by the teachers to perform because it affects markah prestasi guru too.
  6. You can dump the holy intention of school based assessment and KSSR and KSSM.
  7. I took a long hour to key n the data because of the excel format. Thanks to the officer who thought of this and make me a miserable mother. Thanks! (This is a cynicism if you don’t get it)

Gheesh! I do my work for Allah and I’m so upset with all these administrative work and the pressure to key in the data because I need to send it within 48 hours.

Who knows Haji Sufaat bin Tumin’s address? I want to forward this rant to him..


One thought on “e-Prestasi: Apakah?

  1. Have you filled in the cocurriculum section? That’s even worse.

    We have to enter the each and every students yearly commitment in the club. How many hours spend in the club, hours spend for extra project and stuff.

    Honestly, the details are killing me. As much as I want to be as accurate as I can, I don’t have the data to match the standard of E-prestasi.

    If the goverment is serious about implementing e-prestasi, I will have to downsize the club members. Easier to manage and track

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