Recent news: Cosplay and murder

The news when a famous cosplay person in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia murdered Ng Yuk Tim, 15, reminded me of an episode in CSI and my reading of criminology. I immediately remembered an episode from CSI New York when an assassin disguised in a cosplay. Here is my opinion/theory on the case, not an investigaton.

  1. Cosplay enable he lives in a different world. There is an episode of  ‘My Strange Addiction‘ a girl who is extremely talented and creative but a bit social awkward, lives in her costume on daily basis. She feels comfortable under different skin and her costume is pink and smiles all the way. She even wears it in her house. She feels that she is well accepted in her costume than the real life.
  2. Identity conflict/crisis: As a teenager who is searching for his identity, there is a possibility that his brain had allowed his fantasy comes out to his reality world. Maybe his fantasy wants to fight a bully but he only realized when the victim was murdered.
  3. He is a good person but his hatred and revenge dwell up inside. There is a point when he could not handle the negative pressure anymore and becomes a volcanic eruption. Our society is very demanding  and competitive when it comes to life

Possible solutions:

  1. Create a healthy self image during childhood. Create a loving and secure environment. If parents neglect their children, a teacher who is linked to the child should be aware of a child’s worrying behaviour and take immediate action.
  2. A department of psychology in every possible government agency. Our society is in great danger of producing criminals. This is one of the problems in developed countries currently but Malaysia isn’t yet a developed country. So, I cannot see more murder (of identity crisis) happens without any actions.
  3. We need an effective counseling service, not just marital problem. I believe a broken marriage or abnormal family institution will lead to broken individuals. School counselor does not only tackle discipline problems but encourage pupils to have healthy self image.

WARNING: I am an official psychologist or counselor but I have great interest in criminology. Perhaps one day, I can continue study in that area.

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