For Parents 2

This post is also meant for those who aren’t parent yet. Before Fahmi was born, I sworn to myself to learn how to be a good mother. I gather information by reading books. I learn others’ experiences by reading their blogs.

Being a parent changes me to better. In many aspects. Alhamdulillah. There is no greater feeling than giving birth to a child. No one told me it’s tough to be a parent. But the journey is beautiful. Seeing my child grow and develop each and everyday is an amazing feeling.

I have two tips and tricks to share with you.It’s not much but it saves my soul.

  1. Diaper changing at night: People say it’s best to take turns. Ya right. As if my husband is always around us wrapping us in warmth and care. Stick to the reality y’all. We choose to use PETPET diaper and our baby isn’t fret much about wet diaper. It’s cheaper than Mami Poko. Alhamdulillah, Fahmi did not get any diaper rash and his butt is beautiful. Yup, I’m a proud mommy.And I get good sleep at night as well.
  2. Feeding milk via cup: Alhamdulillah Fahmi is blessed with special intelligence that is to drink from cup (not a sippy cup, mind ya!) from 7 months old. As you know, I’m a great supporter of breastfeeding and Fahmi is an avid breast milk drinker. When he was at his nanny’s house, he drinks from cup. This is a great thing because, one, he finishes his milk faster. Two, no fuss washing and sterelising the milk bottles. Three, less risk of SIDS. Four, It’s fater to prepare than using a regular milk bottle! Five, it’ll be easier for other people to take of him. So, whenever I’m around, he’ll breastfeed directly.
  3. Breastfeed, with your heart: God-given milk is the best. It’ll make your baby smarter. It’s mentioned in Dr. John Medina’s book. The longer, better. You save time from going to gym and get to bond more with your child. You save time from preparing milk bottles. You don’t spend much on buying formula milk. And the list goes on. The best thing is, when people ask me How do you lose weight so much?”and I give same answer every time, “Breastfeeding”. 500 kcal everyday. Provide if you take nutritional diet and regular walk. Subhanallah. Glory to Allah for enabling me to breastfeed till I’m 16 weeks pregnant.

Others who wants to share tips and tricks in raising children, you are welcome to share links and comments.



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