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Once you’re a parent, you’d get some kind of culture shock. If you’re a lazy bummer, who sleeps till noon, party at night, eating crappy junk food and a totally selfish individualistic person, you’d have to change all those once the bundle of joy arrived.

Not only your lifestyle changes but also your relationship. All these while was about you and me. Me and you. I love you. Yulafmi. Suddenly, wham! Huweek! You and your adrenaline rush, making you feel frantic whenever you hear the baby cries.No more yulafmi and ailafyu. Total focus will be given to the newborn.

You will ask a lot of questions to yourself and your partner. How to change the diaper without making much movement and making her comfortable? Is the milk temperature OK? Should I put my baby in a swaddle or let her be free? Should I do this? What is the best product for infant milk? Who is the best pediatrician in town? How can I support my child till tertiary education? All these questions are mind-boggling and kind of making you feel stress. Your relationship will be jeopardized. Know the for grapes of wrath for those who are new in parenting. They are: sleep loss, social isolation, unequal workload, and depression. (read more on Dr. John Medina’s web and book)

You can also read the Qs and As with John Medina here.

To be continued. Want to go out from school early today. It’s Friday. Later~!

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