Girls like fashion

Girls are like fashion brand


This post is full with metaphors and figurative language. I hope you get the message.


Girls are like fashion brands. There are brands which belong to high street fashion. The boutique exists almost anywhere. They are effortlessly stylish but they are affordable. Statistically, major goes for high street fashion.

There are a few who can afford exclusive fashion brand like Louis Vuitton and Fendi. They are either patiently collect money over a long time, or they are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. People appreciate exclusive brand and take a good care of it greatly. One may want to put exclusive brand in a special glass case. Not wanting other people to touch it. Not many can own it. Thus, it is so special that it is not being paraded.

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There are cheaper and fake brands. But many won’t have pride in wearing these brands. Usually, these brands are quickly perished and replaced with a new one. Also, they are usually be put on the floor, as there are not much value of it.


Guys are like eBay bidders. Good eBay bidders would wait for the most wanted item. Of course, the most wanted item is wanted by everyone and many would like to chase the same item. They are willing to put the highest price, snapping others. There are bidders who would patiently wait for the good stuff and get the best bargain.

So, which brand you want to be?


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