Kluang Rail Coffee

Coffeholic, caffein lovers, this is a must-go place.

One fine Sunday morning, me and hubby made a trip to Kluang, just to have a brunch at Kluang rail coffee.

I noticed a new building painted brown, labelled ‘Kluang Railway Coffee’, however, my husband insisted to go to the place where the magic of the famous coffee begins. Kluang railway station, located near end of Jalan Omar.

Unfortunately, it was lunch time already. I looked around, in case I can find anything interesting to be capture but I sniff the great coffee smell. Even though no one was brewing coffee!  That is something that my cheap camera phone couldn’t capture. Snnnifffff!

Then we head back to the new building which I had seen earlier. Luckily we managed to get a parking space and a table for two (or three?).

I can find cars which plate numbers start from W.., SGY, MBA, etc. Quite a number of non-Johorian visitors here!

Then I ordered nasi beriyani ayam merah. My husband ordered the famous toast, half-boiled eggs and the great coffee. Super yummy!

Scraping his dish, as usual.

They also serve western food. But I can’t have all of them, can I? Although externally, my belly looks ‘spacious’ , but yeah, eat wisely. So yeah, I’ve tasted the great Kluang coffee (a few sips only). Once after pantang, god willing, I will belasah coffee!

One thought on “Kluang Rail Coffee

  1. Ha! Ha! kedai ni dah disahkan menyediakan kopi bergeletin babi (Harian METRO 25.3.11). Macam mana org Kluang boleh percaya makan kat kedia kopi ni milik bukan Islam dan tak ada sijil halal…. dah berapa banyak hirup kopi tak halal tu????

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