Rumpai laut @ seaweed

The seaweed was dried. You have to soak it until it will become semi transparent and crunchy. It will take some time to get the best result. Sometimes, some things are worth waiting for 😉

  1. Pound together onions, chilli padi/ thai pepper, a bit of salt.
  2. Slice thinly the red onion.
  3. Put in the pounded ingredient into a bowl of seaweed, and followed by the onion (you can also put thin slices of mangoes)
  4. Give a good squeeze of a kaffir lime.
  5. Mix it well.
  6. A bit of fish sauce.
  7. Voilà!

PS: For kerabu effect, you can also put in a pinch of roasted peanuts.

I learned how to make this from a seller at Tamu in Sabah. According to my brother, seaweed is popularized by Philippine’s immigrants.

8 thoughts on “Rumpai laut @ seaweed

  1. norzie: take2. haha~

    koko: just put a small amount of the seaweed, is already enough to feed 3/4. the seaweed will absorb the water and grows bigger. lol~

  2. Thanks for sharing. I did it all wrong the last time – I boiled it… 🙂

  3. jean, don’t boil or it will go too mushy and oozy. i did that mistake first time. be patient when soaking them. i did it overnight. i keep checking them to see when will it turned out their best.

  4. Dimana dapat saya beli ‘raw seaweed’ yang sudah dibershkan atau ‘ground seaweed paste’. Saya nak guna untuk buat makanan aerobic microbes. Ada bekalan di Lembah Klang?.Terima kasih kerana respon anda.

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