Fixing Malaysians

I went to Danga City Mall with my fiancé. He was very hungry because he hadn’t eaten for a day. So we decided to eat at Adib’s Kitchen, located at Danga City Mall’s food court.

We sat next to the restaurant’s banner. (Such a shame I didn’t bring my pink T20 that time). So we’ve  had LOL moments, seeing amusing spelling mistakes such as:

  • Pamesan cheese
  • Site dishes (site=tapak?)
  • Grill tomato
  • Western foods
  • Discounts for tenents and all staff
  • The winner of all dishes, Coaslow salad.

We had fun game, searching for spelling and grammar mistakes. Then we wrote the right spelling and gave it to the owner. I bet there are quite a number of people going to the restaurant and notice the spelling mistakes. However, we pay no attention to rectify it.

We can’t only laugh. We need to do something so that the mistake won’t be repeated again. Let us have the courage to rectify people’s mistakes. Not being a coward, only know how to kutuk belakang. Let us improve ourselves and this country.

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