I thought it’s a chick flix due to its title. Well, I was wronged (moral: never ever judge a movie by its title). I thought it’s almost similar to Johnny Depp’s Chocolate but actually it’s a Thai action movie.

The intro, which was read by a kakkoii Japanese actor, gave me a blow.

“As a boy, I was always interested in the abnormal. I liked to imagine, the history of scar and imperfection. When touching the scars, I felt that there was a story beneath every wound. A small abnormality to me, was something to contemplate”

So, the story is action packed. Not done by stuntman, but a girl. Her name is JeeJa Yanin. Very cute and tough. She’s autistic, but full with strength and willingness to learn martial arts. I think she’s the next Michelle Yeoh, but wayyy cuter with more flexible bones. Her martial art was done for real! No tilam. True blood. I only knew the stunts was real at the end of the movie, when they showed “backstage scenes”. Whoa!!
JeeJa Yanin

I thought of diverting my stress and PMS with this movie but apparently I cried. So sad. I would suggest this movie to those who have strong hearts (too much blood and violence in this movie!)

It’s apt to be shown during mother’s day (only if the movie made it through the Lembaga Penapisan Filem Negara or Cencorship board).

Enough said. Check out the Imdb here.

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  1. Assalamualaikum Miss Ainee,

    I never heard from you so looong! Sorry because I didn’t reply your SMS, Because…I guess you already know. I always kehabisan prepaid when sangat2 diperlukan. Hurgh! are you? I’m fine. Now, 5M’s practicum English teacher is Miss Hani. Well, she looks like you. Wow! I love the practicum teachers from IPBA. IPBA right??… In the year 2012 the Maths and Science is going to be teach in BM. you want that? Me??.. I’m okay with that but I guess not all my friends is satisfied. They are so stress about that. Except Alya..she wants it in BM. But, I don’t care…I’m happy all the time. Expecially when you are here!! Right here beside me. Hurmh..I miss you. Sorry again about the upreplied SMS. Miss you so much!

    Aeesyah…:D xoxoxoxoxo

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