Girls day out

What do good girls do when they haven’t met for long and planning for a good day out?

Firstly, a light breakfast of rojak.
Hours spent in beauty parlor. Doing hair treatment, shampooing, neck massage, and one of us gets to perm her eyelashes.
After spending hours at the beauty parlor, surely anyone’s stomach would grumble. We grabbed some food at a cafe and bought American moist chocolate cake.
The best part was, reminiscing my childhood memory and at the same time spending our lovely evening at an isolated-but-lovely place. Eating the moist, chocolatey chocolate cake while sharing our latest fetish, crush and secrets. Inhaling fresh sea breeze and planning for the future. Then we head back to our nests. It is a day to remember for us.

From our conversation, we have same opinion of not wanting anymore development or change for Manjung because we love it as natural as it is. The only metaphor that I can only think right now is, too much make up chemical can damage your skin.

To Nisa, the tokey kedai kopi, I dedicate this lovely song to you and I’ll always look forward to meet you. Terimalah lagu Yuna, deeper conversation! Oh I’m so addicted to her. Someone tell me how to get her EP?

Deeper Conversations – Yuna

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