early surprise :P

WARNING: I am thankful for the birthday wishes but mind you, it’s not my birthday yet. This is an early surprise from my other half.

my early birthday surprise. i was telling him that i would like to buy some cupcakes. and he was like “brape awk beli?”. coz he meant to do a surprise for me. hikhik. seb baek i can cancel my cupcakes order. the chocolate is rich and the cupcake itself is so good. i wish my birthday is everyday 😛

from far
the cupcakes
nearer view. look at cartman. he is hitler. lol 😛
cupcakes south park pwn j00
thank you dearest omark ^_^

Update: Read the cupcakes’ boss post. So sweet ^_^

4 thoughts on “early surprise :P

  1. alin: ai tak tahu menahu. bile ai bgtau “awk kite beli kapkek” dgn kalutnya beliau menjawab “hah? brape awk beli?” lalu ai menjawab “72” and he told me that he’s buying kapkek for me. iwaslike “err..oke, i hope i can cancel my order”. ai pun marah la “asal x bgtau awal2?” katanya “it’s meant to be a surprise”. hahah.

    farah: thanks!! mine is on 9/9 mkay? ramadhan mubarak 😛

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