Ethics of posting teaching experience blog

This entry is written due to my concern of my friend who was being censored (not really i think, he gave the term so yeah) due to misunderstanding of his entry.

  1. Do not include the details of your school. Mum the name. Even the location.
  2. It would be best if you use pseudonym, so that your student won’t be able to google you.
  3. If you are not comfortable of sharing it with others, create password for your blog (like myself, I prefer to share so that we’d all learn).
  4. Try not to make remark about teacher’s attitude or what. Obnoxious behaviour exists everywhere. (I have it as well. Human kan?).
  5. Enjoy your teaching experience, be reflective and critical.
  6. After all, we learn from each other’s experience, innit? The teaching practice will be a teacher’s most important episode of teaching career. Thus, the blog is my keepsake.

4 thoughts on “Ethics of posting teaching experience blog

  1. dont post up pics on ur blog, at least wait til prac is over. thats one way of them knowing its ur blog. dont mention names, use nicknames, even for the kids. dont add ppl fr school on your myspace friendster facebook acc, you nvr knw wat goes back to the boss. and NVR post up names of the school or talk abt its location etc. they can sue you for slander, hearsay etc. it has happened before.

    g luck w prac. w the ease of hvg the net at our fingertips now, we need to be extra careful. u just nvr knw whos been reading.

  2. yeah.. true.. i dont dare to reveal the name of my school where im having prac now. ive asked my students to write down their interest on a piece of paper during the icebreaking session and many of them are bloggers. so there’s a possibility that students may find your site if they know that you blog and then find entries that u wrote bout them

  3. tazz: wuiyo. i dunno to that extent people can screw ur blog ek? scawy~

    penguin: ahah! ask them their blog addresses and read their comment of you. hahah. feedback2.

  4. my students have already found my site so there’s no point in secrecy…
    but i will have to becareful how i say certain things…
    I dont see not a problem there because it’s a challenge for my creativity!

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