What is boyfriend for?


Took this from Tazzy’s shirt long time ago. Coolness. Kalau ada orang yang mempunya ciri² spt di atas, mungkin dia adalah insan yang bernama boyfriend.

For my high cholesterol my doctor prescribed me a boyfriend

(Loesje, Dutch Fictional character “Active and International girl”, b.1983)

7 thoughts on “What is boyfriend for?

  1. oh babe, Kevin benci tat shirt, tho for the most parts, the ATM is betul for him sbb ms dkt sn he paid for my purchases haha bes bes. but yea, the shirt is very corny lol

  2. adam: hehe. talking from experience eh?

    tazzy: seriously if i were to have this shirt, i wld b proudly wear it, reminding him of the necessary. haha.

  3. I tried to find one but I can’t. I have a very precious baby shirt which says a lot
    “I pwn boys”. haha

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