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A new handbag/accessory boutique is opened in MidValley, called Che Che New York. Here are some formal introduction for it:

The Che2 collection was founded to offer younger consumers who are free-spirited and independent and who enjoys accessories to express her own signature flair. The collection is a direct reflection of its designer Eliza Cheung – feminine, whimsical, and full of love and life. It consists of handbags, fashion jewelry and accessories – is displayed on Parisian style furniture and basks in the romance glow of a chandelier. The bags feature faux fur, ribbons, flowers, sequins and splatter paint in bright, cheerful colors that accentuate interesting shapes and textures.

In keeping with the image that defines the Che Che New York brand – one of fantasy and escape from everyday life – Che2’s imagination destination is Paris. Upon entering the shop, you are transported inside a French boudoir – with walls awash in pink and gold. The shop both inspires and satisfies whatever look she fancies – be it girly or elegant, modern or vintage.

Why Che Che New York handbag? (I took it from the website ^_^ )

  • Because it makes you feel beautiful!
  • Because it’s fun to collect
  • Because you can plan what you’re wearing around it.
  • Because it has been specially hand crafted and has a positive artistic energy.
  • Because there are so many to choose from.
  • Because it combines function with fantasy.
  • Because you can carry it all day and into the night.
  • Because everybody’s going to ask you about it.
  • Because it looks elegant, with a casual price tag.
  • Because you’re not going to see it hanging by the hundreds in every store.
  • Because it makes you smile. <–aku le nie
  • Because it reminds you of your favorite cat, dog, fish, giraffe.
  • Because it can look very classic but have a mischievous spirit.

So I was interested to go into the the-only-one-in-Malaysia Che Che boutique, as I was attracted by the bling bling sequin on the handbags. The style is very kawaii. There are handbags that will be liked by Blythe fans. There are cute bags that will make you feel young. But there’s one that is special and being commemorate in my handphone wallpaper ever since it catches my eyes (black one).


RM790. Sekianterimakasih. Datanglagi.

So yeah, if you’re interested with this kind of fashion, you may jalan kaki to Midvalley (15 minit je dari ipba, since minyak kete mahal nowadays), go to ground level centre court, I’m sure your handbag-antaenna will find it for you. You don’t have to buy it for this time being. You may just say ‘Hello’ to the cute promoter without buying the handbag. Just look around lah. We’re bit broke nowadays, I know, due to petrol price hike. Hehe. Anyways, gembira kan rasenye tengok henbeg ni?

Comel giler (^_^)

(which means, super kawaii or very very cute)

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