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I don’t give a damn when it comes to facebook application. Too many of them. Bersepah my page. However, this morning I saw nice quiz about IPBA. 3 people invited me to do ‘Which IPBA lecturer are you?’ and this is what i got. (LOLcat!!)

You are Dr. Zahedah Abdul Hafiz
Dr. Zahedah, concerned and motherly, is an experienced lecturer who would always stand by her students and supports them in difficult times. She is a busy women with a special capability of being a great mother at the same time. Her students admires her for the many great roles she has. Dr. Zahedah holds a B. Ed.(Hons) degree in TESL, a M.A Lit degree in Old English Literature, and a Ph.D degree in Education & Children’s Literature.
So when will IPBA hire me? Haha!

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