QDB.us: truth vs lie

[we were talking about Lingam’s case]

ainee: sayang, do u remember the quote that u gave me
Omar Khayam: what quote
Omar Khayam: ?
ainee: yg turth ispreferable
Omar Khayam: yeah, truth is preferable to lies
ainee: that’s the one
ainee: but we tend to prefer lie
ainee: coz truth hurts
Omar Khayam: truth is painful
Omar Khayam: but lies provide temporary comfort
Omar Khayam: while it eats u from the inside
ainee: and the tongue that says true words is not preferable?
ainee: the tongue that says true words is not favorable?
Omar Khayam: it’s natural for us not to like pain
ainee: yeah
ainee: pain is painful
Omar Khayam: pain is often detested
Omar Khayam: yeah
Omar Khayam:
Omar Khayam: to put it simply, pain is never welcomed
ainee: so lie wins then.
Omar Khayam: take it like this
Omar Khayam: the brave chooses the truth
Omar Khayam: the cowards opt for lies
ainee: now that’s what i call good quotation.
ainee: like rasulullah said “berkata benarlah walaupun ia pahit”
Omar Khayam: yeah
ainee: he encouraged us to be brave then.
Omar Khayam: great minds think alike, hmm?

PS: Hepi cites dei. ops. Hepi tices dei.

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