Summer is here

It’s summer. Time to lower your gaze boys! So, hot and sizzling summer. I wish to wear my sunny everywhere.

I’m going to list out my favourite items for this summer. Sorry, no Kate Moss’ design. Her line resembles Pete Doherty. Punk and hip. Thus, I prefer DP’s. Much feminine and practical. So, these are my favourites:


The handbag that makes me fall in love with it. Casual, stylish, pink and practical. I wonder who will say “no” for this. Only 25 pounds.


Very cute. Not so high and have the ‘girl-next-door’ style. Steal it!


Diamonds are girls’ best friend!! Hey, if it’s not really diamond, as long as it blings, doesn’t matter. Match it with tea dress and you will win any heart.


Pumps are made for girls who wants comfortability. Simple, very summer colour. Matches with any jeans and tops.


Can anyone buy this for me please? This pink check shirt dress will be a comfort wear. Cotton based and check prints–reminds me of summer picnic.


Who says pregnant mums can’t be cool? This ‘born to be a star’ maternity top will make preggers look like rock chicks. Question like “is it a boy or girl?” will be changed to “where do you get this?”.

skirtblank_top white_short_sleeve_shirt

classic black cream rose print skirt. it is an investment. match it with a blank top and it will give a casual look. match it with a white short sleeve shirt and you will be remembered classy for the entire summer.


Rose alice band is the cutest thing. Make sure you match it right or you will look like a patient from asylum.

(Reminds me of Aunty Zaza from Manjalara)


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