QDB.us: Azwan is ghey

He couldn’t get decent sleep for days and this is what happened.

ainee: did u get some sleep dear?
me azwan: not really, just for few hours.
me azwan: itu pun lepas letih balik mcr semalam.
me azwan: haha.
ainee: u gi ngan bofren sape?
ainee: lpe nk tnya
me azwan: i gi dgn toped.
me azwan: ah, i orgasm’ed multiple time.
me azwan: lol
ainee: ur so ghey
ainee: orgasm’d?
ainee: mcr?
ainee: mygod.
me azwan: it’s like having mental masturbation.
me azwan: haha.
ainee: sooooo ghey
ainee: im sooo going to put this into my blog.
me azwan: hehe, be my guest.
me azwan: i miss gerrard already.
ainee: 😐
ainee: my goawd!!
me azwan: semalam dia hotness ok?
me azwan: i love his hair.

Someone fix him please.

2 thoughts on “QDB.us: Azwan is ghey

  1. someone, i need a plastic bag. this is worst than the airsickness!

    *run to the toilet*

    azwan, euw!!

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