Assalamualaikum. Ohayoo gozaimasu. NI baru nak jawab tag Izyan.

Ban gohan? I’m not a breakfast person but I have to have breakfast. It is important for your mental and physical growth. Once I miss my breakfast, I will get terrible stomach ache and headache. Being a student in MARJON, I can’t be fussy about my breakfast. Anything will do. But it must be healthy. Chocolate bars is occasional. Just a cup of hot chocolate usually, which I can get easily from The Shop (Marjon’s small grocery shop).

Cereal+milk is the best. Quick and healthy. But most of the time, bread, spread and milk.
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Sometimes, pancake with golden syrup is a nice treat.
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Not to forget my energy booster, especially before Liz’s class. Caffeine.

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