Nothing to wear

Probably I think too much. I am being indecisive whenever I need to dress up. Adeh. What colour. Cold or not. Yada yada. Guys don’t have to bother about all these. They just need lotsa T shirts and jeans. That’s all. For formal function, all they need is a good suit and best necktie. But for girls, adeh. So hard you know to pick which dress to wear. *garu kepala*

Sebenarnya saya lambat, just because sebab susah nak pilih busana. Aaaa~ Help~~


3 thoughts on “Nothing to wear

  1. cikgu!! cikgu!! (angkat tangan tinggi2)

    saye pun menghadapi masalah yang sama. tp nak exam nih x yah susah2 pk. pakai je apa yg buleh dicapai. hehehe

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