WordPress is in Bahasa Melayu

Salam. Good news. WordPress is in Bahasa Melayu. Thus, the report from National Geographic concerning of the declination of English as the first language, is for real, and the prediction of: “languages of the rank just below—such as Bengali, Tamil, and Malay—are now growing the fastest”, is taking place.

However, shall I be glad for the news since I am a Malay (Banjar is technically Malay in Malaysia) and able speak and understand Bahasa Melayu?

Sadly,  featured blogs in Bahasa Melayu is much about sex, fonen/ pondan/ mak nyah/plu (transvestites), some politics and not much about things that makes me proud, like science discovery, codings, robots, technology news, campaign for humanity, even cute witty stuffs about cats. What’s becoming of my country and people?


Do our mind only think about sex, artists, corruption and transvestites?

What a shame.

8 thoughts on “WordPress is in Bahasa Melayu

  1. Entahlah eyeknee. Those people who involve in that topics has a good effort to improve their content. Updated everyday is a must. But other wordie didnt do that!

  2. I am Malay but i speak Manglish. Oh sory not Manglish but Rojaklish, Bahasa campur English. Even I as a Malay don’t speak Malay well, wrote in Malay also is not my preference. Look at my blog. I’m proud to write in English. Who am I? Am I supposed to be glad as WordPress is in Malay. Melayu kah saya? Saya tak cukup Melayu lagi. Tak kool cakap Melayu. Lagi kool cakap Bahasa Inggeris.

  3. Mind you, this is not about language issue but the people. I am glad when WP featured Bahasa Melayu blogs but, what kind of blog ‘the Malays’ write?

  4. AA: selalu hapdet pembacaan ke? hihih.

    deslack: we as in, me and you, or our proud bangsa melayu?

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