Vacancy at MARJON

My heart was heavy as I saw the employment vacancy for INTED (International Education Department) Dean.


I was quite shocking to hear about Paul Gentle’s leaving during summer. It was so sudden I heard. So, right now Tony Wright is the acting INTED dean. I haven’t had a time to say goodbye and thank you to him as I was in Malaysia that time. He’s such a handsome and decent gentleman. Quite difficult to find such man. Quite a loss for INTED I reckon because Paul had numerous international network. I kinda miss his sweet smile and fatherly care. May Allah bless you. Have a good life ahead Mr. Gentle.

2 thoughts on “Vacancy at MARJON

  1. haa?
    paul gentle dah blah?
    why oh why?
    misti sebab kami seme dah abes blaja, maka dia merasakan bahawa hidupnya takde purpose di inted.

    ish ish ish.. so sadnessly. ehe

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