Malaysia phone oh!

I tried to call my mak a few times, and my credit is getting lesser and lesser. Giving up, I called my uncle asking what happened to her. I know that she doesn’t go to terawih if my adik is not at home. So, I called some people, less than 3 minutes I reckon, then I tried to call my mak again. Miracle happened. Mak answered my call and we chatted. She said the phone rung about 4 times but she didn’t hear the other side, and I didn’t hear her as well. No wonder my credit was being deducted. Blimey! So the problem is the phone. I told her, what’s the purpose of paying 30 ringgit per month if you can’t get a good phone. TELEKOM makes money about RM 360 per year, per household. Imagine how many customers they have. I hope the nenek and makcik pakcik in the kampung know their rights and take action instead complaining to himself. We ought to get the best service since we pay.

7 thoughts on “Malaysia phone oh!

  1. Who wants to make a riot, when they’re the only company providing home telephone over Malaysia?

    My suggestion, try using cellphone. I mean your mom…

  2. To Azhar: Does your mom use mobile phone and receive good reception. wow. can i have her phone number??

  3. TM is expert for creating controversy and fuss among their customers. From broadband to landline. I grow tired of complaining and bitching. And now all my communication devices are free from TM monopoly hands.

    Thank you to Malaysia Government Policy and Protection.

  4. ooh Telekom. The price of monopoly.

    Chis! Dial Wise also dah naik harga here laaa.. hahaha

    Salam Ramadhan Ainee.

  5. ive experienced the same thing last week, ainee. my credit was deducted but i only heard ‘suara dinasour’ at the other side. huhu. so stressful! and ive tried to call my father’s cellphone, and it worked!!

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