greetings from kiasuland!

salam and hi all. i am typing this entry from orange grove road. if you’ve been to orchard road, you’ll know where. took mrt to orchard and my mom was so happy seeing this kiasuland so sparkingly bersih and not polluted as malaysia. she said that she wants to buy a house in here. somewhere near to arab street and masjid sultan. mak and i love the roti prata (in malaysia we call it roti canai) as it is not oily, no guilty feeling eating extra cholestrol, and very nice. the prata was very nice. i swear. and mak is so amazed with the all high tech and modern stuff this kiasuland have. she shook her head to see the rat race of getting onto MRT and the pace they walked. aish.

we didn’t prepare duit tambang to go on bus because we thougt he will give the balance. luckily, we managed to korek 2 dollar shillings. alhamdulillah. itupun we feel so embarrassed. then finally we arrived at our destination and i am not sure mak love this place as much as i do.


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