You know you are a Malaysian blogger when…

  1. The famous blogosphere and justice fighter is wanted by ISA (Internal Security Act) and dooced.
  2. Your blogstats suddenly skyrocketed during election and your blog gets visits from Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri and Kementerian from Putrajaya.
  3. Your position and freedom to write the right thing is threatened.
  4. Someone labelled you ‘monkey’ because you blog.
  5. You are called ‘Pondan’.

Gittew. Lantaklah korang. Nyah tak koser. Auw!


6 thoughts on “You know you are a Malaysian blogger when…

  1. Hahhahahah, itu biasalah, mana-mana pun kat belah dunia…

    Yang pelaing penting, bloggers Malaysia banyak yang baling batu sembunyi tangan….

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