Review for PIETY talk by Abdul Raheem Green

Assalamualaikum, alhamdulillahi rabiil alamin. wassolati wassalamu ala asyrafil anbiya’i wal mursalin. wa ‘ala ‘alihi wa sohbihi ajma’in (praises to Allah). Alhamdulillah. PIETY talk by Abdul Raheem Green was brilliant. There are a few non-muslims attended, either charity-based person or student of theology. Brother Green simply amazes me. I would say every single second he speaks, is fruitful. Masha Allah. His accent is understandable as he is using Queen English. Quick notes on his important points.

Culture vs Islam: He pre-warned people, that this might be sensitive to some cultures. He talks on arranged marriage culture and what is marriage in islamic context. Later, someone asked him about the ‘honour killing‘ that happened last month, and he answered, it is absolutely not what islam teaches. He said, how on earth, you are living in England, your children are surrounded by ‘girlfriend, boyfriend’ culture, then you want to find some relatives in Pakistan, and married him to her. I myself would say it’s rubbish. Ok. It is father’s job to ensure his daughter to marry the right man, but to extent to kill her? That’s not islam. Islam doesn’t teach you can kill other people because human’s status is uplifted to be a caliph, and not animal.

funny, no?: Brother Green asked us to thin. WHat if your neighbors think you have bombs inside your house. Many laughed. but later he said  in serious tone”no! i know you think it’s funny, but think again, what if it really happens? who are going to change their perception?”. I was like, oh my god. It’s true. I don’t know what’s inside their head. I thought it was funny and silly at first, but think again, what if they (neighbours) really think so? Yes, freak and frantic. Not all of them come to the talk and really know what is islam and who is Muslim.

audience: There was an old lady who are studying theology, wanted brother abdul raheem green to say that western culture is npot associated to christian. She even said “it is not surprising if the westerners one day embrace Islam”. You see, he was brought up as a christian, and he is a westerner, a British, no matter where he goes. So, he’s there, done it.

Overall, it was very valuable. Every single second I’ve been there, is fruitful. Insha Allah, to build a harmony community need knowledge, and cooperation. May Allah bless us who wants to live peacefully with each other and find blessings from differences.

Oh, he writes in blog as well. I’ve read and listened (there are mp3s recordings). Very intellectual and resourceful. Read it here.

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