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Salam. I wonder why, it’s like a season. People tag me when I am about to send my assignment. Yes, I am tagged by 2 beloved blogospheres. Kak Khairyn and master cry4freedom. Huwaa!! I will accept the challenge, but after siap (finish) my assignment. Heheh.

Remember the last time I was tagged? No? Nevermind. I give you chance to explore the archives. A quick fact. In less than 24 hours, I need to send in my assignment. 3000 words justification and commentary on children literature. Right at this time, the word count for my assignment is less than 1K. Wow. Congratulations Aini. Huu, give laa some encouragement to me.

PS: Insha Allah I will try to upload the final draft in the next entry. For post-mortem. So that later you can write a paper on ‘Samples on last-minute work: disadvantages to undergraduates’. thankyouverymuch!

4 thoughts on “Pending entry

  1. salaam

    i was wondering if sami yusuf is doing a concert here in london. please inform me…
    thank you

  2. Dropping here for the first time. Definitely looks much better than the old blogger blog. I will update the link in my blogroll.

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