Parliamentary: UK versus Malaysia

Comparison of politics in United Kingdom and Malaysia:

Warning: You might find it’s distressing if you turn up the volume.

This is how Malaysian MPs’ works its parliament session.

This is how UK’s MP speaks, and this is how MPs’ in UK talks in the parliament.

Is there anyone shouting to express their disagreement? If yes, how they do it?

PS: Don’t forget to consider the content they are debating about.
PPS: I am sure you can do better choice next time.


3 thoughts on “Parliamentary: UK versus Malaysia

  1. heyp:so fast aa ppl from abroad getting the parlimen news like u hu hu..i felt mumble actually when observing those clips on tv!what a nightmare…nway,thanks for the comliment..i love u so much dear friend…so so so so rinduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu all our sweet memories in Bote..

  2. You know, actually Malaysian’s MP dimwitted monkey, they never failed to amuse me with their stupidity and ‘kurang ajar’ness.

    But heck, RM 100 mil for Ijok election? Gila la weh.

  3. tya: yes, in here the internet is not slow as in Malaysia. Rindu juga rakan2 yang bersama berjuang di medan ilmu suatu ketika dahulu.

    cry4freedom: heheh, well, another entertainment for you. 100 mil? like samy vellu said, biasa laa itu…

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