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Peace to be upon you all. I am called to write this entry because I feel so inspired and enthusiastic when watching this animation. Not Naruto, not Avatar, or whatsoever, but an animation that is based on true story, that has relation with me, and those who are sharing the deen. A story that has motives, that makes us realise the purpose we are living in this world.

You can watch the trailer from you tube, but the one in its website is much better because the youtube pixel is in low quality.

Saladin, The Young Adventurer Who Became a Legend

Saladin is inspired by the life of one of Islam’s most legendary figures who elicited admiration in both east and west Salah Al-Din Yusuf Ibn Ayyub , or Saladin , united the Muslim world at a time when the Muslim factions were in dissarray.

Saladin’s unwavering devotion to Islam has led him to set out to conquer Jerusalem, a holy city to Muslims, Christians and jews, which thus sparked the third crusade (A.D. 1187- 1192). It was here that Saladin gained his lasting legacy as a chivalrous the city in a humane and orderly fashion.

Saladin’s stunning military victories and diplomatic success against the West, has earned him a remarkable place in history. His life has been the subject of enduring fascination for western writers, including modern novelists, as the archetypal Muslim hero warrior.

5 thoughts on “Saladin animation series

  1. Laa… tak tau pun ada animasi Saladin ni. Mesti best.

    He’s the great diplomat, strategist and leader.

    Ingat what my Sociology lecturer said to me 2 days ago. ‘Ibn Khaldom is the best sociology theorist’, unfortunately there will be no question on his theory in the exam’ ahaks!

    ku bakal exam next month. Alahai dah lebih 10 tahun tinggalkan exam. Ketaq lutut.

  2. yurp,i love dis anime even x tgk lg…where is d saladin for dis century…erk…bangkitlah!!!


  3. salam, mana nak dapatkan cd saladin ni… atau dapat download kat ane.. shukran.

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