New brothers and sisters

Alhamdulillah they arrived in our college at 12 noon-ish, safely. Looks like they are tired but they seemed happy. Oh, want to show you some stuffs that my adik brought from Malaysia, sampai patah2 beg dia exceed weight limit. Inilah barang nya:

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On the bag: Belilah Perisa Tom Yum!!(Buy the tom yum flavour!)

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Sempat Promosi Tahun Melawat Malaysia 2007

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Slurp! Sedap hingga ke titisan air Maggi yg terakhir

6 thoughts on “New brothers and sisters

  1. hey…ada adik ek??/ amboi…kakak balik..ko cari mangsa ek… hehehe..

    take care babe…im here alwayss~~~

  2. We get our regular supply from a shop here in Coventry. Bit pricy and not very healthy, but we love it.

  3. salam,

    di malaysia kementerian kesihatan berura-ura nak ban iklan makanan segera dan saya pasti mee segera turut menjadi mangsa juga. kata sang menteri, makanan segera buat orang malaysia banyak penyakit.

    hmmmm ….

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