This is my choice

I still remember Wan said “If we choose this path, it’s not that easy”. And yes, I’ve witnessed the uneasiness of the path that I chose today. Alhamdulillah, we are not alone and if we do it sincerely for Allah, there’s always Allah’s help. I felt so relieved, when a friend sent a piece of tazkirah (which was sent to everybody as well, but coincidently, it’s apt to the situation that I am encountering). I do not have time to write more about it as I have limited time for blogging right now but Hanis said that I really should record it in my blog while it is still fresh. So, here’s the chronological order of the things that happened (wish I can write more in detail so you guys can have the idea, more realistic situation and put yourself into my shoes):

-When I was explaining about the prophets in Islamic history, there’s a guy suddenly yelled at me, his face was in anger, and said “do you know what you’re talking about? do you know that jesus is son of god? why do you keep calling him the prophet?”. I was definitely shocked. No one, ever, in this country said to me in that kind of way. All eyes are staring at me. Even the kids muted. I told him that “this is what we Muslim believe”. He replied “then why don’t you just say that is what Muslim believe?”. I replied “I did say this is what we Muslim believe”. I repeated twice, and the direction of hand gesture to my breast. I kept on going (cause I know the kids are waiting for me to finish the story) but in shaky voice.
-A man suddenly stopped us, outside the museum, talking non stop, talking about the history of Latin, Romans and Islam has conquered etc, keeps talking non stop, trying not to let us to interfere and did not listen to us. We were late for our train and I told him that we’ll look for the info later, as we really need to catch the train. I said in nice way, I even laugh. But still, he wasn’t seem to stop. So, alhamdulillah, later our friends came and explain to him, and we managed to escaped from the man.
-My second post, of this blog (check the archives please if you wish to know), has mentioned that ‘i wish all the people in the bus are racists as i can get a seat all to myself’. and guess what? the bus is packed today and no one dared to sit next to me. and guess what? i had a lovely sleep on bus as i was so tired (of crying and talking).

my first experience. all happened in the same day. Dear Allah, I know this path is not easy because I know the reward, your heaven, is absolutely a bliss.

2 thoughts on “This is my choice

  1. hang in there babe~
    its not easy…

    memang sunnah alam, membawa manusia ke jalan Allah itu sangat payah. bukannye satu kerja senang.

    Nabi berdakwah pun susah. sahabat2 dan para tabiin kene baling2 batu lagi. Nabi Nuh berdakwah 950 tahun pagi petang siang dan malam.

    insyaAllah, kalau kite buat kerana keredhaanNya, dapatlah sebaik-baik ganjaran di akhirat nanti yang tuhan janjikan.

    kite kene kerje keras untuk Islam.
    jgn putus ase k?

    ” Wahai org2 yg beriman! Mengapa apabila dikatakan kepada kamu, “Berangkatlah (utk berjuang) di jln Allah,” kamu (seolah-olah) melekat pada bumi [i.e terasa berat]. APAKAH KAMU MENYENANGI KEHIDUPAN DI DUNIA DARIPADA KEHIDUPAN AKHIRAT? Padahal kenikmatan hidup di dunia ini berbanding akhirat hanyalah sedikit” At-Taubah:38

    salam ukhuwah fillah ya ukhti~

    moga Allah beri ketabahan. =)

  2. aini ..
    i wouldn’t know what to do if i were in your place ..

    sabar ye?
    moga Allah beri kita kekuatan utk hadapi semua bende2 camni

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