Crammed schedule

I’m not busy because of Christmas party or whatsoever. Yes, I did go to see Xmas plays around Plymouth, but not because of that my life is been that busy. I haven’t have time to do bloghopping, leaving comments etc. My schedule is totally cram right now. I feel guilty for not doing my usual ritual of blogging. (Is is because of IAD too?)

My exam is in 2 weeks time. Portfolio due date either. Reflections for school haven’t been done fully yet. Luckliky for ‘Collective Voices’ project portfolio, I am satisfied with my materials. (Hmm, looks like ainee spends her time on extra curricular activities innit? Hmm~)

So, I really hope I will have time after this. I really miss mt blogging ritual. BTW, christmas is in the air~where kids behave, nice decoration being put up, late night shopping, lovely songs and colourful streets.

Hope that I’ll have some time soon. Thank you for all your comments. I appreciate them all.

PS: Ayah is at home now. He seems OK. Thanks for the wishes and prayers.

8 thoughts on “Crammed schedule

  1. God! Bogged down with essays. I have this weird ways of writing. When I listen in English, I’d write in Malay and vice versa. My brain have mind of its own.

    Sarcastic? Don’t be. I longed to look at the world behind rosy pink glass but the world just too cynical to me. It changes colour every now and then and I dinna like pink anyway.

    Be happy!!! U just be happy! young and gay! No homo gay just happy gay. lol. I’m demented *sigh*

  2. Glad to hear that your dad is OK. And keep blogging. BTW, just wanted to point out that there are pop up ads when we visit your blog caused by webstats.

  3. hello cayang! hehe..

    havent see u for ages T_T

    must spend more time wit u.. after exam k?

    i bought tix for the 26th dec to point-of-no-return journey..=(

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