I’m sorry to waste your time for reading this

I have a bad news. My ayah admitted to Hospital this afternon (UK time). I was shocked when my brother told me thru YM.

adik: weih..
adik: gitau muh
adik: ayh eksiden tadi
adik: lpas magrib
eye_knee_kawai: teruk tak?
adik: trok ahhh..
adik: pengsan
eye_knee_kawai: now ayah kt mane?
adik: sepital ahhh
adik: nak p antar baju nih
adik: koyak rabak…
adik: jahit kakinye
adik: …
adik: klah
eye_knee_kawai: shall i call mak?
adik: ni on sbb nak gtau tu je
eye_knee_kawai: huu~
adik: call je
adik: ..
adik: nak rush nih
eye_knee_kawai: okeii
eye_knee_kawai: take care
eye_knee_kawai: jgn rush2
adik: hguhuhuh
adik: ..
eye_knee_kawai: i dont want all my family members staying in d hopsital
adik: (he put a grin icon)
adik: its ok
adik: klah
adik: bubui
adik: assalamualaikum..
eye_knee_kawai: wslm~~

Then minutes after that, Mak called me. I was shocked. I looked at the clock, it was time to go to the next class. But I know if I were in the class I will wander and could not gain anything, and I continue to talk with my Mak.

Suddenly Mak asked “Ni kenapa suara lembut2 je ni?”.

I answered “takde papelah. nak ke kayo (those who knows, know..I won’t tell this bit in detail). I want to cover my feelings from Mak in the first place. But I did go to kayo after that, and cried.

It’s because Ayah. I love him although he never shows his affection towards me. He’s the first man who loves me. I can still remember when I was little, I am his favourite child. He’s proud of me and takes me anywhere he went. I am her adorable and cute daughter. Her only daughter. I’m his only girl. Until I aged 13, our relationship is not as affectionate as before. I grow and be a big girl.

I still remember, there was one time I did a wrong thing, he dreamt of me. A bad one. Mak said he even cried as he woke up. I was shocked. Ayah asked me “Kamu ada buat apa-apa?”, and I don’t want to worry him more, and I shared it with a trustable friend. I know she never tells anyone. I believe in her. She’s one in a million. Only he is the person who can sense my deeds from far. Although many believe that mom usually have the sixth sense, in my case, it’s Ayah who have it. Our attachment is strong. He loves me no matter what, although he never shows it. As this happened to him, it makes me even sadder, because without him, I will not be in here.

PS: Please pray for him. I love him so much. Please Ayah, get well very very soon.

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7 thoughts on “I’m sorry to waste your time for reading this

  1. I pray that he will get well soon.

    You are special to your ayah. He is proud of you. Don’t worry too much, just pray for his health. InsyaAllah.

    The bond between father and daughter is stronger than what we think. It can never be broken. We are a part of them and they are part of us.

    Take care

  2. Sorry to hear that. And sorry for wasnt able to pick up your call yesterday. I was at the outside at the moment.

    Hope he will get well soon. I’d pray for that, insyaAllah.

    Take care , as well.

  3. takziah..semoga Allah membalas amal2 yang baik ahli keluarganya dengan mengembalikan kesihatan yang baik buatnya.. Amin

  4. Not only will ur dad get well…
    Your whole family will hava closer bond too!


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