Poem recital

I would like to share with you guys what my friends and I had done this Tuesday, poem recital for BBC Devon. My poem is after Marrick’s. You can listen to it on air, by visiting BBC Devon website:


Then, you go to listen again, choose ‘art & drama’ (3 records available), then click ‘the review’ for full recording. Mine is around the area of 15th minutes.

To download the snippets (90 seconds only), click here.

Hope you’ll enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Poem recital

  1. salam

    hehehe, we do have sumthin in common then. I do take Creative Writing but with Journalism. Nice poem there. Quite intrigue though, but still good.

    Remembered my first poem I did for entry requirement. It’s about battlefield and calmness. Thought it was horrible but guess again, they liked it and accept me as their student. Maybe it was not as bad as i thought.

    Now, I love to make my lecturer scratch his head. I did my first creative writing assignment with Malaysian flavour, complete with ‘lah’ ‘sudip’ (ladle) bot tambang and all. But for his benefit and mine, of course I did the glossary list hahaha

  2. wslm. glad that i found a blogger who hv same interest with me. they edited the third stanza! that’s so not fair, i told that is the warp up for my poem!

    That is so cool of you to be proud of your own mother tongue (oops, im writing with my secong language, ops, haha).

    I adore Muhammad Haji Salleh, although he travelled to many countries, learn many languages, received awards and recognition, but still, proud of being Malay.

    -Sastera itu indah-

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