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This is an interesting ad, and I would say, effective.

Q: What’s with the internet neutrality and why they want us (public) to sign the petition?

A: The internet is under attack by huge telecoms like AT&T. Americans across the country are fighting back, but does Washington, DC care? Or are they going to sell out the internet regardless? Musicians like Moby care because your ability to download and listen to music from iTunes and videos from youtube could be in jeopardy. The only way to save the internet from these big companies is through NET NEUTRALITY.

OK. I know this doesn’t have any relation with other country but this ad is cool and funny.

Watch this video to see Moby bring the issue of NET NEUTRALITY to Congress.

This cool video has been made by these genius people:

Produced & Edited by Laura Dawn, Adam Green, and Jason Rosenberg &
Dan Manatt of
Directed by Laura Dawn
Music by Daron Murphy & Laura Dawn

5 thoughts on “save the internet

  1. I think it would be impossible for any Government to control the Internet. Any attempt to control it is bound to fail by it’s very nature.

  2. agreed with adam’s opinion.
    Somehow i find Washinton will back up the provider such AT&T because of the politics. Election is near the corner

  3. adam+n|ck:

    i think it is quite possible if it’s america. remember how they managed to make muslim as a terrorist, instilling in people’s mind that muslim are associated with terrorism. u see? they got power, they can do whatever they can. and yes, it’s almost election time, perhaps they want to control on of the most ‘free’ (a homonym) media~that makes sense innit?

    anyways, i support internet neutrality. freedom. free access. borderless. thanks for the comment. i really appreciate it. and to n|ck, welcome to my blog.

  4. It’s proven that US gov is paranoid. Control is everything to them. Unfortunately controlling the internet would be impossible.

    Internet is the ‘window’ to globalisation.

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