ainee got IAD

yeah, it’s IAD. not DVVT the kembara OK? I never knew about this sydrome until I read an article at scukz. Here’s an abstract from it. Credit to Khai (scukz owner/moderator).

Jenis-jenis ketagihan
1. Ketagihan mendapatkan maklumat :aku la nie, ske sgt skip2 topik dr wikipedia ke lain2 website. Ada je benda nak cari. O yeah, Asmah claims I’m resourceful about internet thingy too coz she said I always asks to refer to “www dot bla3 dot com”. Ops!
2. Ketagihan menggunakan komputer: yer, sehari x peluk PC mmg x sah. Thee hee hee.
3. Ketagihan bahagian bahagian tertentu dalam internet: email,
4. Ketagihan hubungan Cyber: YM, skype, MSN, e-mail.
5. Ketagihan Seksual Cyber: erk, nie bkn aku aa, nk access pon xleh kerna halangan dindingberapi (firewall daa) so how come I can addicted to cyber sex?

1. Sentiasa memikirkan tentang internet: oh iyer, sebelum g library pun check internet tgk buku ada ke tak. Nak naik bas pun check kat, nak shopping pun tengok price kat website. So convenient, just at our fingertip, how can you don’t use it?
2. Gelisah atau tidak tentu arah sekiranya tidak menggunakan internet: o yeah, blogging is my current addiction. Either bloghopping or blogging, both is a must. Well, currently I plan to buy PDA or just get O² XDA mini S, a tool which allows me to do my blogging anytime anywhere. Or else, I will be restless.
3. Sukar untuk berhenti dari menggunakan internet walaupun setelah menggunakannya berjam-jam lamanya: OK! I admit, if I plan to sleep at 12am or 1 am, my PC turns off at 2 or 3 a.m. Sigh. Somebody help me~!
4.Yang terakhir, mengalami gangguan psikomotor: My fingers move involuntarily and unconsciously like I’m doing typing. Yeah. I know it’s freaky but can’t help it.

My additional notes of IAD:

  1. We utter laugh using “LOL” instead of “hahahaha”.
  2. We captured pictures and plan to put it in our Friendster.
  3. We record video and put it on Youtube.
  4. Our eBay parcel arrives weekly, or worse, every day.
  5. We call friends by using Skype or Yahoo Messenger. Not the normal phone.
  6. We do shopping online.
  7. Online dating.

Well, do you have these symptoms? Do share with us (cewah, feels like Oprah la pulak).

3 thoughts on “ainee got IAD

  1. I kalau nak dibandingkan dulu dgn skrg , i rasa teruk lg zaman dulu. Time tu xde broadband lagi , mere snail-pace dialup connection. Dulu i sorang antu IRC , dan kwn2 pun ramai kat IRC , buat gath dll. So kalau x masuk IRC sehari , simptom2 menggigil dan emo x tentu pasal pasti akan wujud. Heheh.

    Skrg ni pun lebih kurang gak. Tp bkn di IRC , but Y!Messenger.

    Online shopping , i was so fond to or forum LYN and online shopping site , sampaikan dulu seminggu 2 3 kali DHL or Fedex or Pos laju hantar parcel. Huhuh.

    Friendster , dulu je kot. Skrg dah xde friendster , so xde lg.

    But , skrg ni i lebih tertumpu utk surfing information mcm Wikipedia , doing some researches about new stuffs. Blog hopping , blogging etc but i didnt plan to grab a PDA , not yet. Tp intention tu ada.

    Tp u ni dah kronik sgt kot? Go get a mental theraphy ah 😛

  2. haih~~~ now cannot kill u oredi..

    eBay parcel arrives weekly or worse..daily…

    me ler tuh..that was then..once upon a time ago…

    lain2..sket2 im not up to this disorder..hehe im cool!!

    however, i have a mental sickness…

    now i must kill u..sbb kalau kena tangkap pun..i can get away wit it..hehe..

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