itchy tangan kanan

Malay people (maksud saya, orang Melayu lama..) said kalau gatal tangan kanan there’s possibility we’re going to get $$ (okane/duit/wang/pounds/ rezeki you name it), but, I’m having this ‘gatal tangan kanan’ thing for few days jugak. Alamak, now my language has become like rojak, maybe I have too much dose of RojakDaily. Aaaaa, now I’m blaming@finger pointing this matter to someone else. Aih~ tak patut… tak patut…

Anyways, ada orang nak bagi Ainee duit?

Sesiapa yang mahu tahu mengenai promosi kad raya UK& IRE, sila tinggalkan private message.

Enjoy your holiday while you still can.

2 thoughts on “itchy tangan kanan

  1. hahaha..
    nie mesti psl dh dkat nk raye..
    tue la yg gtl tgn tue..
    tp kan kn la pose lue ekk..
    saper X pose Xleh dpt duit raye..
    kan kan kan..

  2. uiks…sapa nih??

    hmm anyway, jgn jeles ek ainee…akak dah dpt duit raya!!! haha…

    c u around ainee babe!! thanks for ur hospitality yday..sorry turn throwing tantrums..=)

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